Book or Film?

Would you rather stay in with a book and let your imagination run wild, or watch it all on the big screen

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3 Responses to “Book or Film?”

  1. lyva79 Says:

    I always prefer books more than films but in this case because i don’t love too much Twilight books i think i like films as well. It’s a movie with nice actors and places so…………..

  2. Murmur1969 Says:

    I love the blog. What a wonderful piece of design!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. tantan73 Says:

    Definatelty prefer the books as they cover more detail than the film. However it’s great to see Edward in the flesh! The film is good in the sense that seems to bring everything together. I enjoy comparing what my expectations were reading the book to the films interpreation.

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