Local Librarian Immortalised in Print

Janette McCulloch, Ballantrae’s resident librarian for South Ayrshire Council, has proved that going the extra mile for your customer can really pay off. Budding American novelist Tina Rosenberg visited Ballantrae Library to research her dubute novel “Glenapp Castle: a Scottish intrigue”.  The book jacket claims to be “an enthralling tale of intrigue and suspense, set against the stunning background of Scotland’s craggy southwestern coast”.

On her website Tina states that she was inspired by a visit to Scotland in 2004 when she stayed at the Glenapp Castle Hotel. The book itself was five years in the writing during which time Tina travelled to Scotland several times to do research and conduct interviews for the development of the characters.  It was on one of her research trips that Tina called in to Ballantrae Library to get the low down on the local area from resident local history expert, Janette McCulloch.

Glenapp Castle : A Scottish Intrigue / Tina Rosenberg ; illustrated by Brooke Marvin.Janette clearly impressed Tina with her knowledge of Ballantrae and indeed the author offers ‘special gratitude to Janette McCulloch, Ballantrae’s librarian extraordinaire, whose wealth of local knowledge and blood-curdling tales left me entranced’ in her acknowledgements.  However, it is more than likely that Janette’s willingness to extend the hand of friendship to Tina, not to mention keeping her sustained with homemade soup during her period of research, which resulted in the author incorporating a character who is based on Janette into this book.

For more information about the book and its author visit Tina Rosenberg


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