Knitting and Nattering at Carnegie

Knitting basket with wool and needlesThe Knitting and Nattering Groups at Carnegie Library are knitting up a storm at the moment.  They are concentrating on knitting hats, cardis and blankets for premature babies.  Can’t knit but want to contribute?  Then you could look round your house for an odd ball or two of wool.  And any knitters out there ? If you have spare wool we would love to have it.  Just pop it into your nearest library. We are also looking for donations of knitting needles and buttons – a good chance to recycle your unused items and feel good about yourself.


5 Responses to “Knitting and Nattering at Carnegie”

  1. Janet Says:

    this group is good fun and gets us out of the house both evenings and week days. it is great that the day of the week changes so that more people can come. Trust the Carnegie to come up with another good idea!

  2. Eileen Says:

    Good fun and keep up all the good work!! Thanks

  3. Doreen Says:

    A really lovely group. Very friendly and helpful with knitting problems.

  4. Chie Says:

    It is great fun

  5. Charlene Says:

    I’ve got a niece or nephew due born in September..Would any one like to knit me a wee hat and I will pretend it was me that knitted it. I will pay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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