This summer, take a giant leap into the final frontier – at your local library

Space Hop the Summer Reading challenge for kids

Join Space Hop, and we’ll help get your kids hooked on books!

Space Hope LogoSpace Hop will take your child’s imagination to the Moon – and back! Whether they’re already hooked on books, or just beginning to read, it’s a sure-fire way to get kids into reading – and all the advantages that brings.

Sign up at your local library – it’s free! – and your children will receive a special poster to keep track of their challenge. There are all kinds of other Space Hop goodies too (including stickers) to keep them interested and have some fun this summer.

On Space Hop, your child’s mission is broken down into three simple stages: Blast Off!, Space Race and Lunar Landing. Each stage involves reading two books – any books they like to complete their challenge.

Visit the Space Hop Website!Kids can also travel beyond the books to discover games, activities and internet fun, including tips about what to read next, swapping messages about books and some exclusive blogs from top children’s authors! You can log on at your local library for free or from home.

Details of Space Hop space stories, rhymes and crafts coming soon!


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