Credo Reference Friday Brainteaser

We post the brainteaser questions every Friday on the blog. Email your quiz answers to us at All correct entries will be entered into a monthly prize draw and one lucky person will win a £10 book voucher. The more brainteasers you enter the greater your chances are of winning.

Please note – You must be a member of South Ayrshire Libraries to enter this competition. Not a member yet? You can now join the library on-line.

This week: Rivers

This week’s brainteaser is all about rivers of various sorts.

  1. What is the world’s longest river?
  2. Which well-known university town is located in England on the Cam River?
  3. What was the title of the song which Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer wrote as the theme music for the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?
  4. Which river, 4,000 miles long, begins near the Pacific Ocean and descends through Peru and Brazil before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean on the equator?
  5. The Huang-he is the second longest river in China. What English name is given to it because of the great amounts of silt it carries down?
  6. The Bow River in Banff National Park is in which country?
  7. Which Irish river rises in the Wicklow Mountains and divides the city of Dublin into two?
  8. In which country does the River Oise begin?
  9. In 1915, who wrote the “Spoon River Anthology”, a collection of epitaphs in free verse?
  10. In classical myths, the shades of the dead had to cross which river to reach Hades?

Questions set by Tony Augarde (

Closing date for this quiz is Thursday 21st October 2010

How to enter

Email your answers, numbered 1-10, with the email subject heading Rivers to

Remember to include your name, address, contact telephone number and your library card number (found at the back of your library card above the bar code) in the email.

Winners will be notified at the end of each month and the quiz answers will be posted on the blog with next week’s questions.

Good Luck!



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