Bookbug in Bohol promoting literacy to eradicate poverty

The children persuaded Glori's bookbug friends to stay on a little longer

Glori, our Bookbug, was really excited to hear that local photographer Douglas Inness was going on a fact finding mission to Bohol in the Philippines.  Douglas went out to investigate the work of the Synergia Foundation and Pusong Pinoy (Heart of a Filipino) a voluntary organisation which organises ‘book drives’ as part of its wide range of charitable projects which include promoting literacy to eradicate poverty. Unfortunately, Glori was too busy in South Ayrshire to join Douglas on his trip, but he did send out two of his little friends.

During his trip, Douglas took part in a project ‘Lend a Hand’ and helped distribute 100 bags of groceries to needy families in Ulingan (just outside Manila).  Classroom materials were donated to the teacher at the Day Care Centre too.  Douglas was also involved in handing over 500 books to the Town Council of Baclayon in Bohol and 500 books to the Village of Hope orphanage near Talibon in North Bohol.

On the way to the Village of Hope, the Bookbugs paid a visit to a Tarsier sanctuary.  A Tarsier is a small monkey; an endangered species it is indigenous to Bohol.  The Book Bugs were amazed to discover they are bigger than a full grown Tarsier!

One of Glori's bookbug friends meets a local

The Bookbugs, sample book packs and stationary items were handed over to Jean and Mike Propp, the founders of the Village of Hope. The children at the orphanage have persuaded the Bookbugs to stay on and have promised to take them on lots of sight-seeing trips and they have already planned a trip to the Bohol Bee Farm so that the Bookbugs can make some new friends. Glori misses his two friends but is delighted they are helping the children of the Village of Hope to enjoy reading.

Glori says if you want to find out more about the work of Pusing Pinoy you should look at this website


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