World Book Night

World Book Night 5th March 2011

A million reasons to read a book

Saturday, 5 March 2011 is the inaugural World Book Night. One million books will be given away by an army of passionate readers to members of the public across the UK and Ireland.

The book give-away will comprise 40,000 copies of each of 25 carefully selected titles. They will be given away by 20,000 ‘givers’, who will each distribute 48 copies of their chosen title to whomever they choose on World Book Night. The remaining books will be distributed by World Book Night itself in places that might otherwise be difficult to reach, such as prisons and hospitals.

“No writer can ask more than this: that his book should be handed in thousands to people who might otherwise never get to read it, and who will in turn hand it to thousands more. That his book should also pass from one generation to another as a story to challenge and excite each reader in his time -that is beyond his most ambitious dreams.” John Le Carre (his book ‘The spy who came in from the cold’ is a shortlist title).

If you are not lucky enough to receive a free book, check out our online library catalogue for availability of the short-listed titles. We also have some titles available in large print and as audio books.

For more information about this great event visit World Book Night

World Book Night 2012 will be a global event, why not register to become a ‘giver’ next year.



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