Glori’s Stories: Love from Louisa by Simon Puttock

Our Bookbug Glori loves stories so much he wants to share some of his favourite books with you.

Glori enjoyed reading Love from Louisa by Simon Puttock

Love from Louisa by Simon Puttock . Who keeps writing notes to complain about the state of the farmyard?  Poor Farmer Giles is driven to distraction trying to please the disgruntled letter writer – Louisa.  No matter what he does, Louisa is never satisfied.  This book is sure to get lots of laughs, and there are loads to look out for in the illustrations.

Find  Love from Louisa by Simon Puttock on our library catalogue  and more books recommended by Glori on Glori’s Stories.


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One Response to “Glori’s Stories: Love from Louisa by Simon Puttock”

  1. Renee Says:

    oops it is a good book but its called Love from Louisa – someone can’t spell! Must be all those books scrambling the brain 😉

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