World’s first for a Public Library Service

Professor Brown, Cllr Toner, Jean Inness, Jim Brown and Cllr Grant pictured at the e-book launch

Professor Brown, Cllr Toner, Jean Inness, Jim Brown and Cllr Grant pictured at the e-book launch

South Ayrshire Libraries has achieved a world’s first for a public library service with the launch of our very own e-book.

The e-book, ‘The Record of the Ayrshire Militia 1802-1883’, is now available for sale on Amazon making South Ayrshire’s local history information accessible to a global audience for generations to come.

Launched by esteemed Scots historian and Director of the Paradox of Medieval Scotland (POMS) project – Professor Dauvit Broun from Glasgow University – the e-book was originally privately printed in 1884 and is based on hand-written records in a notebook kept in Ayr barracks.

Its 114 pages consist of a year-by-year account of the activities of the Ayrshire militia from its formation in 1802, including details of the regiment’s Napoleonic war service in Scotland, England and Ireland.

Records of the Ayrshire militia, from 1802 to 1883

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South Ayrshire Council currently owns one fragile print reference copy of the book, which was written by Hew Hamilton-Dalrymple, and is much in demand due to a growing interest in genealogy and family history research thanks to programmes such as the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?

The launch of South Ayrshire Council’s ebook means the content is available for purchase and download by anyone, anywhere and anytime and it can be read on laptops, smartphones and all e-readers such as the Kindle.

It is also be available on loan – free of charge – to South Ayrshire libraries’ members on our eRead website.


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2 Responses to “World’s first for a Public Library Service”

  1. jhbrown Says:

    It was a pleasure, and an honour, to be a part of this world’s first for South Ayrshire Libraries!

  2. Jean Hart Stewart Says:

    Fantastic…good for you Jim. That must have been fulfilling.

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