Don’t worry, he’s okay! He’s just sleeping…

We know you may have already viewed the video of this little dormouse snoring – but this clip has sound making it even more adorable, so turn up the volume and get ready to say ‘aaaawwww’.

Did you know that common dormice may spend up to three quarters of their life asleep.

So we don’t get in trouble for posting something that has nothing to do with libraries,  here are some books that feature dormice…

British mammals : a photographic guide by Liz Gogerly, Nick Williams

British mammals : a photographic guide by Liz Gogerly, Nick WilliamsThis book introduces the variety and habitats of insects, seashore plants and animals, trees and wild flowers. The series introduces the most common birds and mammals found in Britain today. There are full descriptions of the scientific name, size, family and habitat of each animal. The titles show children how they can identify different animals. Activities at the end of the book show children how to make animal homes and identify footprints.

Don’t wake Mr Bear! by Jill Newton

Don't wake Mr Bear! by Jill NewtonIt is autumn and as many forest animals are setting down to hibernate, others take up their instruments to play a special winter lullaby. The forest orchestra is organised by the Dormouse, who heads off to sleep, reminding the others that under no circumstances must they wake Mr Bear. At first all is quiet but then, suddenly, a group of merry-making wolves crash into the forest. They are a lively bunch, and don’t care about not waking Mr Bear – they just want to party! Their joie de vivre is infectious and it’s not long before the forest orchestra have swapped their flutes and harps for guitars and speakers. It’s all tremendous fun until a dark, bear-shaped shadow looms over the forest…This is a funny story that also teaches the importance of the rhythms of nature.

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