From Page to Screen: The Hunger Games

On it’s opening weekend “The Hunger Games” earned a staggering £4.7 million at the UK box office . This is the first film of three based on the popular novels by Suzanne Collins, with Catching Fire (getting released 2013) and Mockingjay (no release date as yet) also being adapted for the big screen.  If you can’t wait until next year or later for the follow up films why not place your free requests (remember to sign in to your account first) on our online catalogue and enjoy the books before you see the movies.

Find “The Hunger Games”series on our library catalogue, these titles are also available to download in MP3 and WMA Audiobook format from our eRead website.


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One Response to “From Page to Screen: The Hunger Games”

  1. Renee Gillan Says:

    much preferred the book to the film. I felt the film lacked depth and characterisation was poor.

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