Troon Library joins the million book give-away


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Troon Library staff had a great afternoon giving away their books as part of World Book Night celebrations.  A selection of books were given at various locations around Troon including a Tea Dance – where it was very entertaining watching all the Strictly hopefuls strutting their stuff. Everyone seemed delighted with their free book and only one lady had to be convinced of the fact that is was free.  The staff all agree they will definitely take part in next year’s event and hopefully they will have even more books to give away.

2 thoughts on “Troon Library joins the million book give-away

  1. It’s a shame there wasn’t publicity for this event in South Ayrshire generally, or even better, more events in South Ayrshire libraries. I was very disappointed by the lack of World Book Night activity in my area. For next year I will be organising something myself!

    1. Hi Dawn,

      World Book Night is a national campaign organised by the Reading Agency. The main aim of this promotion was to encourage “individuals” rather than organisations to take part in reaching the non-reading public. A number of our branch libraries were used as collection points. In fact approx. 50 people chose to use us as their pick up point to run their local events.

      Also, the following day in our 2 main libraries, Carnegie, Ayr and Troon, we had staff out and about, handing out “their” World Night books.

      We certainly agree that this is a worthwhile event and hope that you take part next year and are successful in your bid to become a World Book Night giver.

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