Who Do You Think You Are? New Series

The new series of Who Do You Think You Are? started on Wednesday 15 August, and it promises to be a good one. Of Scottish interest will be those episodes featuring Annie Lennox and Celia Imrie. According to the Daily Mail an ancestor of Annie’s was summoned to appear before the Kirk Session. If you don’t want to know the final result of her ancestor’s appearance before the Kirk Session till the programme is shown on TV, then DON’T follow this link.  You can catch the series on BBC1 Wednesdays at 9pm.


'Old Nell' stamped sacks at Ayr Chemical WorksWould you like to trace your ancestry, but don’t know where to start…

Drop into the Local and Family History Library at Carnegie and a member of staff will be happy to give you guidance on how to get started. If you would like to book a Starter Session please contact the department and we will give you a timeslot and information on what you need to bring along to help with your research.

Local and Family History Library enquiries
localhistory@south-ayrshire.gov.uk or telephone 01292 272231


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10 Responses to “Who Do You Think You Are? New Series”

  1. lynne Says:

    just watching Patrick Stewart’s…….who do you think you are…….what a load of rubbish, the program is not called …what your father did in the war…….where is the ancestry in this…..very dissapointed….

  2. Anthony Maxwell Says:

    Patrick Stewart whittering on about his father is no who do you think you are. The programme completely lost the plot last night. Come-on BBC, you can do so much better than that load of rubbish!

  3. Passerby Says:

    Why isn’t the episode from Wednesday 5th September only available in the HD version on the BBC red button? I cant watch it and want to catch up with this episode.


  4. Lyn Says:

    I like Patrick Stewart and was looking forward to this episode but concentrating on one member of his family i.e. his father, wasn’t great viewing. It wasn’t a lot better with Hugh Dennis, again concentrating mainly one one family member.

  5. Chriso Says:

    Love this programme missed last two weeks due to hols, caught the Hugh Dennis one on catch up TV, what a dissapointment, this is getting too much just seeing WW1 stories. Myself like many other millions of families lost ancestors during this time and you do feel close to them when researching their records, I don’t want to keep seeing what the brave boys went through. More variety please.

  6. Alan Freer Says:

    I have a website detailing the descendants of William the Conqueror at http://www.william1.co.uk . You can find Celia Imrie on my Rutland 28 section ( http://www.william1.co.uk/r28.htm ) . Just click on the first name in each section and you will work your way back to William.

  7. Peter Duncan-Smith Says:

    can you tell me why who do you thin your are is not on tonight as shecheld

  8. Bob Crockett Says:

    This series just smacks of budget cuts. Let’s just re-hash war stories…zero travel (apart from using EuroStar)…..makes for boring TV Remember Jodie Kidd going back generations to the Founding Fathers? That is what this programme should be about!

  9. mickcooper Says:

    Why isn’t Celia’s program on the iplayer?

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