Chocolate Week mmmm

Bar of chocolate We really don’t need a reason to browse chocolate inspired recipe books or indulge our sweet tooth by stuffing our face with a family size bar of tasty chocolate goodness, so when we discovered that there has actually been a week dedicated to celebrating and eating chocolate we could hardly contain our delight.  This week is National Chocolate Week, so there is no need to feel guilty about the biscuits you had with your cuppa this morning or the cake you had at lunch time and here are some reasons why:

  • Chocolate is a good source of magnesium, copper, iron and zinc.
  • Chocolate contains poly-phenols (an antioxidant also found in tea and red wine) that have been associated with a decreased risk of coronary disease.
  • Chocolate is thought to release endorphins which makes us feel oh so happy!
  • Chocolate tastes delicious.

Get inspired with some tasty chocolate recipe books  or visit the official Chocolate Week website.


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