“I am the secret footballer” by The Secret Footballer

I am the secret footballer : Lifting the lid on the beautiful game.The secret footballer is a real life English Premier League footballer who writes candid tales of his work life in a regular column for The Guardian. This is the collected and edited form of a number of those columns. The identity of the player is a closely guarded secret, as much discussed as his explosive opinions on all aspects of the profession.

The Secret Footballer`s anonymity allows him to blow the lid on the various hot topics of the football world: what goes on inside the dressing room, how do players spend and manage their money, as well as the excesses of the celebrity lifestyle. From tales of “champagne wars”, invites to Lindsay Lohan`s party house and one football wife who asked to be called “Queen Wag” by the other wives, the tale takes darker turns in exposing his disgust and disappointment at team-mates behaviour and his personal battle with depression.

Office gossip, chat rooms and forums are abound with opinions on who he might be. There is even a dedicated website with a forensic approach to putting together the jigsaw puzzle of clues he has left in his writing.

Who is The Secret Footballer? My money is on Kevin Davies…

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