Action Stations: Commando Comic Book Adventures

Commando: behind the enemy lines
Exciting yarns of espionage and daring A trio of nail-biting adventures of fearless British fighters and their daring exploits: defusing a British bomb buried deep in the walls of a dreaded Nazi prison, working with Italian freedom fighters more like bandits than partisans, and bringing a fiendish Nazi plot to an end. Includes “Into Bandit Country,” “One Man’s War,” and “Spy Trap.”

Commando: weapons of vengeance
Exciting stories of the deadly V weapons dropped on Britain and the brave men sent to destroy them British warriors are shown here at their best as they try to find and destroy Nazi V2 rockets before they can be fired at Britain, sabotage the Nazis’ sinister space program that would otherwise win the war for Hitler, and thwart the launch of one of the deadliest rockets of all–the V4. Includes “Operation Valhalla,”nbsp;”Rocket Strike,”nbsp;and “Project ‘Doomsday.

Commando: rampaging raiders! : six of the best Commando mission comic books ever!
Thrilling tales of special missions and operations in a range of warzones This collection includes “Trouble Spot,” “Three . . . Two . . . One . . . Zero!,” “The Specialists,” “VLR Very Long Range,” “Fight or Die!,” and “Fearless Freddy.”

Commando: D-Day fight or die! : the 10 best Commando D-Day comic books ever!
This is the Ten Best D-DAY Commando Comic Books Ever! D-Day was the largest amphibious invasion in history and one of the world’s most famous military actions. It has become the stuff of legend through films such as “Saving Private Ryan” and TV series such as “Band of Brothers”. This hard-hitting anthology of war comic stories covers all the heroic action of “The Longest Day”, 6 June 1944. From “Ambush at Dawn”, “Normandy Drop” and “Blood of Heroes” to “Operation Bulldog”, “Commando: D-Day Fight or Die!” features ten action-packed stories of the Tommies who stormed Hitler’s formidable Atlantic Wall from air, land and sea – and won.

Commando: heroes fly high! : six of the best Commando RAF books ever!
Hair-raising tales of RAF missions in a range of aeroplanes This collection includes “Aces Wild,” “Mustang Patrol,” “Glider Ace,” The Fighting Few,” “Tiger in the Tail,” and “Flak Fever.”

Commando: deadly seas : six of the best Commando navy books ever!
Jawdropping tales of naval missions on the lethal wartime seas This collection includes “Inland Navy,” “‘The Ship-Busters,” “March of the Monsters,” “Bright Blade of Courage,” Mighty Midget,” and “Another Tight Spot.”

Commando: marching to glory : six of the best Commando army books ever!
Tense tales of army missions in a range of lethal situations This collection includes “Riley’s Rifle,” “Death Patrol,” “Battle Wagon,” “Man of Iron,” “Guns on the Peaks,” and “The Haunted Jungle.”


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