A small selection of 6 paintings tell the story of “Tam O’Shanter” at Ayr’s Carnegie Library for TAMFEST

A small selection of 6 paintings, specially selected from the Goudie Collection of 54 paintings, which tell the story of “Tam O’Shanter” at Ayr’s Carnegie Library for TAMFEST.

A larger selection is permanently on show at Rozelle House Galleries, Monument Road, Ayr as part of Arts at Rozelle Partnership.

Ayr bound

Ayr Bound

Meg and Tam set off slowly for Ayr – can you see the Carnegie Library? (well no, as it was built in 1893!) but you will recognise the River Ayr and Arran in the distance.

The bottom of the picture is bright and sunny, but a storm is brewing in the distance…and as the crows gather to watch them head to Ayr, there’s an air of menace and foreboding.

Bowsing the nappy


Meg takes Tam into the centre of busy, bustling Ayr. Tam meets his pals, and Meg stands outside and waits for him. Its getting darker outside, but its warm and cosy inside. Tam is enjoying himself! Time for home? Its a lang, lang way!

The storm without might fair & rustle


Poor Meg! The wind is now moving the sign, and Meg looks cold and miserable. Tam is still inside, beside the glowing fire.

Maggie Stood Right Sair Astonished


Well, eventually Tam has to think about going home. Despite the weather, Meg can’t rush, as Tam might fall off! Meg’s night really starts to get interesting when they approach Alloway Kirk. The Kirk has a warm glow to it, but, this is no friendly, cosy fire…

Warlocks & witches in a dance


Now we see Meg and Tam transfixed, looking at the scene inside the Kirk. This painting repeats a lot of the faces already seen in the other paintings – Tam’s pals, folk from the street, the Minister. But now, they are all joined, in an ‘unco sight’!

But left behind her ain grey tail


Meg jumps as Tam shouts “Weel Done Cutty Sark” and the chase begins! Meg now as to run like the wind, chased by the band of witches and ghouls. This painting has a very quick sketch like quality, and both Tam and Meg look horrified! Particularly Meg, who has just lost her tail!

The exhibition will be on until Friday 6 November 2015.
Carnegie Library, 12 Main Street, Ayr KA8 8EB Tel:01292 286385


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