We had a FANG-TASTIC time in our libraries this Halloween…

At Prestwick Library the children made haunted houses with spooky creatures in the windows and some surprisingly friendly (and sparkly) looking Draculas at their craft event. They also had some little monsters and a few pumpkins joining them for their spooky BOO-kbug session.

They made batty bats and pom pom spiders at Maybole Library, and pumpkins, shadow shapes and Day of the Dead sugar skulls at Girvan.

At Troon Library they made petrifying paper chains and spook-tacular ghosties.

Symington Primary 3s got Batty About Books when they dropped in for a visit. The children decorated the library with their book reviews and enjoyed some hair-raising stories.  While the BOO-kbug session enjoyed spooky rhymes and a game of musical statues to the Ghostbusters tune, before heading home with a Halloween treat.

‘Where are you Scooby?’… On Friday there was a mystery needing solved at Symington Library. Luckily Symington Nursery classes were able to help ‘Velma’, Scooby and Shaggy (aka Bookbug) find Fred and Daphne to sort out any ghosts on the way…If it wasn’t for those meddling kids!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our events, we hope you had lots of fun! 👻


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