It was a busy night at Troon Library for Lesley Sehli’s book launch

We had a fantastic night at Troon Library for the launch of local author Lesley Sehli’s new book ‘He Said Die, I Say No’, an inspiring story of self-help and empowerment.

Lesley spoke about being the first British woman in history, behind the veil in Saudi Arabia, to hold a uniquely privileged position.  Her work reveals an underworld of prostitution, pain and imprisonment and in her capacity, she helps those she can.  Married in to an elite, powerful family, where money and riches were no object and then left destitute, fighting for survival against a deadly disease; her experience proves that things that can be presumed might hold you back will actually push you forward, and the truth can set you free!

She has recently won the Waterstone’s Novice Writer Award with an extract from her book and hopes her story will encourage others to give writing a chance.

She said: “I’m hoping that the book can reach out to anybody that has heard ‘you can’t do that’, and inspire them to try.”

Lesley will be joining us again at Troon Library as part of our Book Week Scotland events this month, but the event is already fully booked! Don’t despair too much if you were going to come along, Lesley hopes to return to Troon Library again sometime in February or March.


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