From funny to heartwarming we’ve picked out some titles especially for mums to enjoy this Mother’s Day…

The mum by Jason Hazeley by Joel Morris
This book is the latest in the series of Ladybird books which have been specially planned to help grown-ups with the world about them.

An affair with my mother: a story of adoption, secrecy and love by Caitriona Palmer
A moving and gripping story of love, denial and a daughter’s quest for the truth.

Incontinent on the continent: my mother, her walker, and our grand tour of Italy by Jane Christmas
To honour a promise to her dying father, Jane takes her ageing incontinent mother to Italy. What could possibly go wrong? Jane Christmas had always had a difficult relationship with her mother, but thought that a mother and daughter trip to Italy could be the start of a whole new friendship. In this hilarious but poignant memoir, she discovers that it will not be that easy.

The Bridge Ladies: a memoir by Betsy Lerner
This absorbing memoir by literary agent and author Lerner (The Forest for the Trees) is about the game of bridge, but it’s also about bridging gaps-both the generational gap and the “personal gulf” that had defined Lerner’s relationship with her mother.

Beyond the high blue air: a memoir by Lu Spinney
This searingly honest, beautifully crafted memoir is a testament to the fierce power of maternal love.

Bettyville: a memoir by George Hodgman
Big-time magazine editor leaves New York City to care for his ailing yet feisty mother in their old-timey Midwestern hometown. The premise sounds like fodder for a laugh-track sitcom. Hodgman’s gorgeously constructed memoir, however, couldn’t be further from a pat Hollywood confection.

Where memories go: why dementia changes everything – now with a new chapter by Sally Magnusson
Scottish BBC journalist Magnusson writes movingly and beautifully about her love for her mother, Mamie Magnusson, a journalist who struggled as Alzheimer’s robbed her of her memory and her gift with words.

Put your feet up, relax and enjoy popular magazines for free on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac

Woman & Home – Celebrities chat about what a mother’s love means to them.

Woman’s Weekly – Packed with special Mother’s Day features, including a short story by Amanda Prowse.

Yours – Alison Steadman on how her mum was her lifesaver.


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