Bookbug crafts and rhymes to download

If you enjoy our craft and rhymetime sessions, why not download the rhymetime booklets and craft worksheets below and have lots of fun at home.

Bookbug Rhymetime booklets

Crafts to do at home

smraoryRoary’s Ticket to Read Crafts

Make your very own school bus and whirlybird with Roary’s Summer Reading crafts.

Lion mask and Tiger Cub

Roooaaar! What would you prefer to make, our very own Roary the library lion mask or a cute little tiger cub? Why not have double the fun and create both of these purrfect pussycats.

Micky Monkey and Spiral SnakeMicky Monkey and Spiral Snake

Micky loves bananas and dangling from trees. Spiral likes to slither under rocks to hide so he can surprise his friends.  Create your own mini jungle with these fun craft worksheets. (Suitable for ages 3-10 years)


Elephant and Tiger

Create your own mini zoo with our elephant and tiger craft worksheet. (Suitable for ages 2-5 years+). Elephant and tiger worksheet (Suitable for ages 2–5 years+).

Little yellow duckling

Quack Quack

5 little ducks went swimming
On the pond in the park
Along came a hungry shark
Quack, quack, quack, quack….

Why not make your own duck family and pond with our craft worksheet.  Quack quack worksheet (Suitable for ages 2–5 years+).


Ladybird, Ladybird

Spring is in the air and its time to get busy. We are making lots and lots of ladybirds at our craft sessions and are trying to spot some in our gardens.  Why not see if you can spot some too.


Even if you can’t spy any ladybirds you can make one of your own using our craft worksheet.  Ladybird worksheet (Suitable ages for 2 – 5 years+)

Witch Wendy

Halloween Crafts – Witch Wendy

Not last night, but the night before
This little witch came to my door
Once with a broomstick, once with a cat
Then with a star stuck to her hat

Make your very own Witch Wendy at home with this craft worksheet.

Blast Off!Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Make your very own rocket, quickly and easily with this Rocket craft worksheet. You can make it swoop and dive just like a real rocket!

Christmas Crafts – Robbie Redbreast

Robbie RedbreastLittle Robbie Redbreast enjoys perching on his tree, but sometimes he gets lonely with nobody to sing to.  Can you make Robbie some new friends to sing his songs to?

Simply print out our Robbie Redbreast craft sheet, which also includes instructions.


4 Responses to “Bookbug crafts and rhymes to download”

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    […] Bookbug crafts and rhymes […]

  2. mary dawson Says:

    Fantastic events you do so many people are missing out !!!!

  3. Monkeying about in the Library « South Ayrshire Libraries Blog Says:

    […] Spiral Snake Looking for something fun to do, try some of our other craft worksheets. […]

  4. Roary’s Purrfect Crafts « South Ayrshire Libraries Blog Says:

    […] We would love to see pictures of your handy work so please feel free to email them to us and we will post them up on the library blog. If you enjoyed creating your Roary mask and tiger cub remember we have lots more Bookbug craft worksheets. […]

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