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The Hundred Lies Of Lizzie Lovett is the next Big Library Read

October 10, 2017

On October 12, the Big Library Read will return to connect millions of library users around the globe as the world’s largest digital book club once again takes place. This time around, we’ll be reading The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti, a YA mystery surrounding a young girl who finds herself in the middle of a missing person’s investigation. Join us as we see the world through Hawthorne’s sarcastic view point as she both can’t understand why Lizzie Lovett’s disappearance is a such a big deal while also becoming obsessed with Lizzie herself. Told with a unique voice that is both hilarious and heart-wrenching, Hawthorn’s quest for proof may uncover the greatest truth is within herself.

We’re excited to announce that not only will the eBook of this title be available from October 12-26 without any wait lists or holds, but readers will also be able to borrow the audiobook as well. During the event, you’ll also find a Professional Book Nerds podcast interview with Chelsea as well as a live discussion board so readers can interact with each other and the author herself!

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Join the global eBook club – The Big Library Read

June 13, 2017

Join in The Big Library Read – the worldwide digital book club that connects millions of readers around the world with the same eBook at the same time without any wait lists or holds. All you need to get started reading is a library card.

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

In the tradition of The Paris Wife and Mrs. Poe, The Other Einstein offers us a window into a brilliant, fascinating woman whose light was lost in Einstein’s enormous shadow. It is the story of Einstein’s wife, a brilliant physicist in her own right, whose contribution to the special theory of relativity is hotly debated and may have been inspired by her own profound and very personal insight.

Mitza Maric has always been a little different from other girls. Most twenty-year-olds are wives by now, not studying physics at an elite Zurich University with only male students trying to outdo her clever calculations. But Mitza is smart enough to know that, for her, math is an easier path than marriage. And then fellow student Albert Einstein takes an interest in her, and the world turns sideways. Theirs becomes a partnership of the mind and of the heart, but there might not be room for more than one genius in a marriage.

The Big Library Read runs from June 12 – June 26, 2017.

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Are you gripped by the Broadchurch TV series?

March 30, 2017

Inspired by the first season of the BAFTA award-winning ITV series, this is the official, unmissable Broadchurch novel. Incredibly moving and containing never-before-seen material, it takes you inside the minds and motivations of the unforgettable cast of characters. This title is also available to borrow as an audio book.

Find out about Hardy and Miller’s last case in the latest edition of Crime Scene Magazine. Read online, for free!

Broadchurch Read-Alikes

Under the harrow : a novel by Flynn Berry A riveting psychological thriller and a haunting exploration of the fierce love between two sisters, the distortions of grief, and the terrifying power of the past, Under the Harrow marks the debut of an extraordinary new writer.

Mainlander by Will Smith The thrilling debut from comedy writer and stand up star, Will Smith – a novel about loneliness, about not belonging and about the corroding effects of keeping secrets.

The dry by Jane Harper Policeman Aaron Falk returns to the town of his youth for the funeral of his childhood best friend, and is unwillingly drawn into the investigation. As questions mount and suspicion spreads through the town, Falk is forced to confront the community that rejected him twenty years earlier. Because Falk and Luke Hadler shared a secret, one which Luke’s death threatens to unearth. And as Falk probes deeper into the killings, secrets from his past and why he left home bubble to the surface as he questions the truth of his friend’s crime.

The drowning ground by James Marrison  A man is found dead near his home with a pitchfork through his neck. When DCI Guillermo Downes is called to the scene he realizes the victim is well known to him.

A decade earlier, Downes made a promise to the families of two missing girls that he would find their daughters. Although cleared of any involvement, the dead man had been a suspect in their disappearance. And as the ripples from his death spread through the local community it happens to offer fresh hope that the detective might finally make good on his promise.

From funny to heartwarming we’ve picked out some titles especially for mums to enjoy this Mother’s Day…

March 24, 2017

The mum by Jason Hazeley by Joel Morris
This book is the latest in the series of Ladybird books which have been specially planned to help grown-ups with the world about them.

An affair with my mother: a story of adoption, secrecy and love by Caitriona Palmer
A moving and gripping story of love, denial and a daughter’s quest for the truth.

Incontinent on the continent: my mother, her walker, and our grand tour of Italy by Jane Christmas
To honour a promise to her dying father, Jane takes her ageing incontinent mother to Italy. What could possibly go wrong? Jane Christmas had always had a difficult relationship with her mother, but thought that a mother and daughter trip to Italy could be the start of a whole new friendship. In this hilarious but poignant memoir, she discovers that it will not be that easy.

The Bridge Ladies: a memoir by Betsy Lerner
This absorbing memoir by literary agent and author Lerner (The Forest for the Trees) is about the game of bridge, but it’s also about bridging gaps-both the generational gap and the “personal gulf” that had defined Lerner’s relationship with her mother.

Beyond the high blue air: a memoir by Lu Spinney
This searingly honest, beautifully crafted memoir is a testament to the fierce power of maternal love.

Bettyville: a memoir by George Hodgman
Big-time magazine editor leaves New York City to care for his ailing yet feisty mother in their old-timey Midwestern hometown. The premise sounds like fodder for a laugh-track sitcom. Hodgman’s gorgeously constructed memoir, however, couldn’t be further from a pat Hollywood confection.

Where memories go: why dementia changes everything – now with a new chapter by Sally Magnusson
Scottish BBC journalist Magnusson writes movingly and beautifully about her love for her mother, Mamie Magnusson, a journalist who struggled as Alzheimer’s robbed her of her memory and her gift with words.

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Woman & Home – Celebrities chat about what a mother’s love means to them.

Woman’s Weekly – Packed with special Mother’s Day features, including a short story by Amanda Prowse.

Yours – Alison Steadman on how her mum was her lifesaver.

Read all about amazing women for International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange

March 8, 2017

Today is International Women’s Day a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We have put together a short list of titles of some of the world’s most amazing and inspiring women…

Modern women: 52 pioneers by Kira Cochrane

Modern Women is a celebration of some of the influential and inspiring women who have changed the world through their lives, work and actions. From suffragettes to scientists, activists to artists, politicians to pilots and writers to riot grrrls, the women included have all paved the way for gender equality in their own indomitable way.

Animal: the autobiography of a female body by Sara Pascoe

There is so much about my behaviour I want to understand. So I started researching what makes me – and us – tick. And what I read made my eyes fall out of my face. Reader, here is everything I’ve learned from science about love, sexuality, infidelity, boobs, periods, pubes, broodiness, and clever old fat.

A history of Britain in 21 women: a personal selection by Jenni Murray

I was ten years old when I came across Boadicea, and she became the first woman to make me realise that the designated future of a girl born in 1950 – to be sweet, domesticated, undemanding and super feminine – was not necessarily the case.

The button box: lifting the lid on women’s lives by Lynn Knight

I loved the rattle and whoosh of my grandma’s buttons as they scattered from their Quality Street tin. A wooden chest the size of a shoe box, inlaid with geometric patterns, holds Lynn Knight’s button collection. A collection that has been passed down through generations of women.

The vagenda: a zero tolerance guide to the media by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, Holly Baxter

Holly and Rhiannon grew up reading glossy mags and, like most women, thought of them as just a bit of fun. But over time they started to feel uneasy, not just about magazines, but about music videos, page 3, and women being labelled frigid, princesses or tramps.

Hillary: a biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Karen Blumenthal

From First Lady of the United States to the first female Senator of New York and most recently as the United States Secretary of State. An activist all her life, she has been devoted to health care reform, child care, and women’s rights, among others.

Angela Merkel: Europe’s most influential leader by Matt Qvortrup

This is the fascinating tale of Angela Merkel’s political ascent, in which she outmaneuvered her male colleagues and made Germany the strongest economy in Europe.

In order to live: a North Korean girl’s journey to freedom by Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park was not dreaming of freedom when she escaped from North Korea. She didn’t even know what it meant to be free. All she knew was that she was running for her life, that if she and her family stayed behind they would die – from starvation, or disease, or even execution.

Vivienne Westwood by Ian Kelly

Vivienne Westwood is one of the icons of our age. Fashion designer, activist, co-creator of punk, global brand and grandmother; a true living legend. Her career has successfully spanned five decades and her work has influenced millions of people across the world.

Worlds apart: a Muslim girl in the SAS by Azi Ahmed

This is a remarkable book about a clash between very different worlds: the British Army and Britain’s Muslim community. It follows a young girl’s extraordinary journey from working in the family kebab shop in Manchester to a London barracks where the Colonel of 21 SAS unit is putting women through selection training with the men.

Fall in love with reading with these short, sharp shots of entertainment

February 6, 2017

Quick Reads square image.jpg

If you’re too busy for long books; want a quick read for the train, tube or bus; or think reading is difficult or dull, give Quick Reads a try….

A Very Distant Shore by Jenny Colgan – Sunday Times bestselling author Jenny Colgan takes us to the gorgeous island of Mure, where a new doctor is about to wake up a sleepy seaside village in this story written specially for Quick Reads. Wanted: doctor for small island. Must like boats, the seaside and having no hope of keeping a secret…Lorna lives on the tiny Scottish island of Mure, a peaceful place where everyone helps their neighbour. But the local GP is retiring, and nobody wants his job. Mure is too small and too remote. Far away, in a crowded camp, Saif is treating a little boy with a badly-cut hand. Saif is a refugee, but he’s also a doctor: exactly what Mure needs. Saif is welcome in Mure, but can he forget his past? Over one summer, Saif will find a place to call home, and Lorna’s life will change forever.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers –Is there something holding you back from becoming the person you want to be? Fear is all around us, from having a tricky talk with your boss to facing up to a problem at home. Everyone has worries and fears that can stop them progressing and reaching for the things that they really want in life. The simple, life-changing exercises in Feel the Fear & do it anyway will teach you how to turn anger into love and uncertainty into action.

Dead Simple edited by Harry Bingham –Eight killer reads from eight bestselling authors – A woman reports a crime to the police, with unexpected results; The grieving widow who finds that she’s about to lose more than just her husband; When a man attempts the perfect murder, it’s not quite as easy as he thinks; Two men in prison play a deadly game of Scrabble; A young woman tries to trick an old man and gets more than she bargained for; Sometimes crimes are solved in ways you can’t explain. A murderer about to be hanged finds that’s not the worst thing that can happen. You never know who’s going to turn up at your door. Original stories from Mark Billingham, Clare Mackintosh, James Oswald, Jane Casey, Angela Marsons, Harry Bingham, Antonia Hodgson and CL Taylor.

One false move by Dreda Say Mitchell – A thrilling story from the author of BLOOD SISTER about a young woman’s race against time to save her family. Hayley swore when she got out of prison that she would turn her life around. But living on the Devil’s Estate doesn’t make that easy. She spends her days looking after her daughter, and her nights collecting cash from people who can’t get loans any other way. But someone has just robbed her. And she has twenty-four hours to get the money back, or her boss will come for her. Her criminal ex-boyfriend says he can help. Hayley wants nothing to do with him. But time is running out, and she has to choose – save herself, or save her soul? If she makes one false move, her life will be over…

Looking for Captain Poldark by Rowan Coleman –Lisa has sworn off love and relationships after a really bad experience, but lately she’s been tempted to take a chance on a more exciting life. First she meets other fans of the TV show Poldark online. Then she proposes a very special road trip to Cornwall. But can four strangers find friendship, as well as a certain sexy hunk on their trip? Four strangers, united by their shared love of POLDARK, come together on a trip to Cornwall in search of their hero…Lisa has sworn off love and relationships after a really bad experience, but lately she’s been tempted to take a chance on a more exciting life. First she meets other fans of the TV show Poldark online. Then she proposes a very special road trip to Cornwall, in search of where their favourite show is being filmed. But can four strangers find friendship, as well as a certain sexy hunk on their trip south?

The Other Side of You by Amanda Craig –A Quick Read from the author of Hearts and Minds and A Vicious Circle. Will must run, or die. He’s seen a murder, and the gang on his estate are after him. Hurt, hungry and afraid, he comes to an abandoned house in a different part of the city. Behind its high fences is a place of safety. Here, he can hide like a wounded beast. He can find food, and healing – and learn how to do more than survive. But when Will meets Padma, he must choose between his good side and his bad one. For the gang he left behind is still there. How can he live without becoming a killer? How can he love without being a thief? Exciting, fast-paced and different, this is a story that keeps you reading until the last line.


The RoNA Awards 2016

March 5, 2016


PrintFor just over fifty years, the Romantic Novelists’ Association has recognised and given awards for the very best in romantic fiction. At the awards ceremony in March each year, the SIX RoNAs (Romantic Novel Awards) are announced.  They are awarded to the winners of six specific categories of romantic novel – Contemporary, Epic, Historical, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult and the RoNA Rose (for shorter/category romance).  The winning books then go forward to a panel of judges who select an overall winner, who receives the Romantic Novel of the Year Award.

So if you enjoy a romantic read, check out the RoNA shortlisted titles from your local library and discover the very best in Romantic Fiction.

Category Shortlists

The Contemporary Romantic Novel – is for mainstream romantic novels and includes gentres such as chick lit, paranormal and romantic suspense.

Under a Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick
High Tide by Veronica Henry
The Wedding Cake Tree by Melanie Hudson
It Started at Sunset Cottage by Bella Osborne
A Jersey Kiss by Georgina Troy

The Epic romance Novel category contains serious issues or themes, including gritty, multi-generational stories.

The Book of Lost and Found by Lucy Foley
The Secrets We Share by Emma Hannigan
The Years of Loving You by Ella Harper
After the Last Dance by Sarra Manning
If You Go Away by Adele Parks

The Historical Romantic Novel category is for novels set in a period before 1960.

The Secret Kiss of Darkness by Christina Courtenay
Dangerous Entrapment by Lesley Field
Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey
At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen
The Consul’s Daughter by Jane Jackson

The Romantic Comedy Novel is for consistently humorous or amusing novels.

One Wish In Manhattan by Mandy Baggot
The Royal We by Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan
Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Café by Milly Johnson
How To Get Ahead in Television by Sophie Cousens
Love From Paris by Alexandra Potter

The RoNA Rose Award recognizes the best in category/series and shorter romance that focus on developing a love affair between the hero and heroine.

The Wedding Reject Table by Angela Britnell
From Wallflower to Countess by Janice Preston
Doctor… To Duchess? by Annie O’Neil
Cora’s Christmas Kiss by Alison May
His Lost-and-Found Bride by Scarlet Wilson

The Young Adult Romantic Novel features protagonists who are teenagers or young adults.

Crow Mountain by Lucy Inglis
Did I Mention I Love You? By Estelle Maskame
Angel Dare by Joss Stirling
Lainey’s Lot by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
Anya and the Shy Guy by Suze Winegardner


New Year, new authors

January 15, 2016

The weather forecast for the next few weeks is pretty depressing – cold, rain & even some snow. Sort of weather that readers love because it’s a great excuse to curl up with a book (like we need an excuse). As we’re at the start of a new year, we thought we would highlight some new authors for you to try. So here’s a selection of recently published debut novels. You never know, you might discover a new favourite writer among them.

Pretty is by Maggie Mitchell  – Lois and Carly-May are just twelve years old when they’re abducted, driven across the country, and imprisoned in a remote, isolated hunting lodge for two months. That summer, under the watchful gaze of their kidnapper, they form a bond which will never be broken.

In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware – Someone’s getting married, someone’s getting murdered.  ‘This year’s hottest crime novel’ – Independent

Dark rooms by Lili Anolik  – A coming-of-age novel set in the ambiguous and claustrophobic world of an exclusive New England prep school.

Gunner girl by Clare Harvey – Clare Harvey is an ex-army wife. The Gunner Girl was inspired by her mother-in-law’s experience during WWII and written while her husband was on active service in Afghanistan.

Boo by Neil Smith – A novel about starting over in the afterlife in the vein of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones. When Oliver ‘Boo’ Dalrymple wakes up in heaven, he thinks he died of a heart defect at school. But Boo discovers he’s a ‘gommer’, a kid who was murdered. What’s more, his killer may also be in heaven. With help from his volatile classmate Johnny, Boo sets out to track down the mysterious Gunboy who cut short both their lives. The odd but endearing Boo relates his astonishing heavenly adventures in a heart-rending story written to his beloved parents.

The liar’s chair by Rebecca Whitney – Rachel and David appear happy, prosperous and fulfilled. The big house, the successful business …They have everything. However, control, not love, fuels their relationship and David has no idea his wife indulges in drunken indiscretions. When Rachel kills a man in a hit and run, the meticulously maintained veneer over their life begins to crack.

Ghost flight by Bear Grylls – the Bourne Identity meets Indiana Jones in Bear’s debut thriller

Fishnet by Kirstin Inness – One young woman’s search for her missing sister as she is drawn into the world of escorts and prostitution. Inness is a freelance writer who writes for the Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday,and the Herald.

How I lost you by Jenny Blackhurst – Emma Cartwright has just been released early on parole after serving time for the murder of her 12-week-old son Dylan, an event she has no memory of. But someone has just sent her a photograph of a toddler. What if Dylan is actually alive? And everything she’s been told is a lie?

Blood relatives by Stevan Alcock – a coming of age tale set against the backdrop of the Yorkshire Ripper murders.

Try not to breathe by Holly Seddon – recommended by Tess Gerritsen for its “razor-sharp, fast-paced plot and wonderfully complex characters”.

Freedom’s child by Jax Miller – Freedom has spent the last eighteen years living under Witness Protection, after being arrested for her husband’s murder. She put her two children up for adoption, but now her daughter has gone missing, so Freedom slips her handlers to go search for her, little realising that she herself is being tracked by her husband’s sadistic family who are out for revenge…

The last days of disco by David Ross – Set in 1980s Ayrshire. Fat Franny Duncan is the undoubted King of the Ayrshire Mobile Disco scene but the future is uncertain. A new partnership is coming and is threatening to destroy the big man’s Empire…

Crime Winning Fiction

August 13, 2015

Are you cuckoo for Cormoran? Ga-ga about Agatha? Or are you an Elvis fan? We know that Crime fiction is a big hit with our readers, so we thought we’d tell you about the plethora (or should that be ‘murder’?) of crime awards announced recently. Have you discovered these authors yet?

At the Theakstons Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival:

Crime Novel of the Year 2015 – Someone else’s skin by Sarah Hilary

The festival also hosted the inaugural Dead Good Reader Awards:

Most Recommended Book – The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins

Lee Child Award for Best Loner or Detective

Vera Stanhope, as created by Ann Cleeves

Val McDermid Award for Fiendish Forensics

Time of death by Mark Billingham

The Reichenbach Falls Award for Most Epic Ending –

Skeleton Road by Val McDermid

Dr Lechter Award for Scariest Villain

You are dead by Peter James

And the Crime Writers Association recently announced winners of some of this year’s Daggers. A further 3 Daggers will be awarded this autumn.

CWA International Dagger – Camille by Pierre Lemaitre

CWA Non-Fiction Dagger –  In plain sight: the life and lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies

CWA Dagger in the Library – awarded to Christopher Fowler for his body of work

CWA Diamond Dagger – Catherine Aird

Read the best saga books this summer

June 17, 2015

Discover heart-warming wartime stories of love and loss from bestselling authors…

Ellie Dean

The Beach View Boarding House series is set in the seaside town of Cliffehaven during the tumultuous years of the Second World War. Find Ellie Dean titles on our library catalogue.

Donna Douglas

If you like Call the Midwife, you’ll love the lives and loves of the nurses at the Nightingale Hospital in the East End. Find Donna Douglas titles on our library catalogue.

Katie Flynn

Heart-warming and nostalgic tales set in Liverpool, Norwich and Wales. Find Katie Flynn titles on our library catalogue.

Mary Fitzgerald

Unforgettable and moving stories that will stay with you forever. Find Mary Fitzgerald titles on our library catalogue.

Margaret Graham

Wonderful stories of love and hardship set during the World Wars. Find Margaret Graham titles on our library catalogue.

Debbie Macomber

Heart-warming and uplifting stories set in America, perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy. Find Debbie Macomber titles on our library catalogue.