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Girvan P5s had a braw time at the library

January 19, 2018

P5 classes from Girvan Primary were invited to Girvan Library today for a ‘Scots Language through Film’ event. The classes enjoyed two short films, The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. This was followed by a reading in Scots by well known local poet Rab Wilson and some writing reviews by the children. This enhanced their Scots Language projects at school this month and everyone had a braw time!


The Story Behind Forehill Library Jigsaw

October 9, 2017

This jigsaw was kindly donated by a member of Forehill library Knit and Natter group. On completion by a few of the ladies attending the weekly group, a regular user of the library offered to frame the finished jigsaw.  So true to his word the jigsaw was duly collected from the library and taken to his home to be framed.  After careful transportation of the jigsaw and just as it was about to be put on the frame, the jigsaw slipped off the portapuzzle mat and landed on the floor in several hundreds of pieces!   Unfortunately, the framer was going on a cruise in a few days time and was now under added pressure to frame the “piece”.

However all came good in the end and this is the finished article, and we are happy to say that the “framer” and his wife thoroughly enjoyed their cruise – it was total relaxation after the few stressful days leading up to it completing our 1000 piece jigsaw!

Very fitting and appropriate we feel for our group and very much admired and appreciated by all.

If you like to knit and have a bit of a natter, then why not join us? The group gets together at Forehill Library every Thursday from 2pm – 4pm.

Sew, Knit and Natter at Symington Library

December 1, 2016

Symington Library’s Sew, Knit and Natter group had a rather impromptu Poppy Knit and managed to raise £11.55 for the Poppy appeal! Well done, ladies and a big thank you to customers at Symington for their support. The ladies will be concentrating on all things festive for the next few weeks, so if you would like to knit a snowman or make a Christmas bauble, come and join us at 4pm every Tuesday afternoon.

Cartoon Capers at Troon Library with Ronnie Russell

July 11, 2016


Join us for cartoon capers with well know local artist and cartoonist Ronnie Russell. Ronnie is holding a cartoon workshop at Troon Library on the following dates:

Wednesday 20 July, 2pm – 3pm
Wednesday 3 August, 2pm – 3pm

Suitable for ages 5-11yrs. This is a FREE event, but booking is recommend.

Shiver me Timbers! Symington Library has been raided by pirates…

June 30, 2016

If you set sail across the salty sea to Symington Library recently there is a good chance you may have encountered some pirates among the bookshelves…

First to form a pirate crew were the Primary 1’s who came in pyjamas and learned how to become fantastic pirates by mastering such skills as ‘walking the plank’ and ‘scrubbing the deck’ before listening to a tale called ‘Pirates in Pyjamas’ by Caroline Crowe and Tom Knight. They finally abandoned ship and left with a certificate and a small piece of treasure! 

Good job they left the ship spick and span because next on board were a crew of very fearsome Bookbug pirates. Aaarrr! They tracked down the treasure and kept a lookout for enemy ships!

Just as well because not long after came Symington nursery making two pirate raids on the library – morning and afternoon! They fought pirates, earned their certificates and listened to ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ before making off with some booty back to the nursery! Shiver me Timbers!!

Musical Bookbug and Jungle Fun at Tarbolton and Mossblown Libraries

June 29, 2016

Musical Bookbug session at Tarbolton Library

We had our very own mini Glastonbury during a recent Bookbug session at Tarbolton Library. The headlining act for this festival of fun was our very own library assistant Mark, who delighted fans with his musical talents. Cheers of delight went up in the crowd when ‘Roon Aboot, Roon Aboot’ and ‘Horsey Horsey’ were played, before a ‘dance off’ during the always popular ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’.  The crowd eventually settled down to enjoy the Scots translation of ‘Room on the Broom’, before finishing up the session with ‘The Big Ship Sails’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle’.


Annbank after school club visit Mossblown Library

Annbank Primary 3 after school club dropped in to Mossblown Library for some jungle themed stories. They read ‘Baby Baboon’ and ‘The Lion Who Wanted To Love’ before having an interesting chat about jungle animals and finding out all about our ‘Down in the Jungle’ summer reading scheme.

Summer Fun SM

Drop in anytime over the school holidays at Tarbolton and Mossblown libraries for free craft activities. Or sign up to take part in our summer reading challenge and get a reward every time you read and return a book! Suitable for ages 5-11 years.

Forehill Library Knit and Natter Group

September 17, 2015


Forehill Library Knit and Natter group have been busy making some cosy blankets and cardigans for the Children in Distress charity.

If you enjoy knitting and nattering then come along and join the group. They meet up every Thursday between 2 – 4pm at Forehill Library. If you are interested please phone 01292 2665591.

Crime Fiction Reading Group at Troon Library

August 25, 2015


Enter the twisting, turning world of crime fiction and let us help you solve the mystery of what to read next at Troon Library’s Crime Fiction Reading Group. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Troon Library.

Men’s Crime Fiction Reading Group at Troon Library

March 31, 2015


Troon Library would like to start a new crime fiction reading group for men. If you are interested or would like more information, please ask a member of staff.

Troon Library, 5 South Beach, Troon KA10 6EF Tel: 01292 315352

St Patrick’s Primaries 2 & 3 visit Troon Library

March 10, 2015

Another fun packed visit to the library!

St Patricks Primary 3 class had a great time celebrating World Book Day at Troon Library. The children enjoyed a selection of stories and chatted about what they love about libraries. They discussed their favourite books and characters, authors and illustrators and then got busy colouring in some pictures.

St. Patricks Primary 2 class also paid a visit to the library to work on their Grannies and Great Grannies topic. They listened to stories and facts on how life was when Granny was young, and drew pictures of their own Grannies. The visit finished up with a good old sing-song of ‘Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus’.