Book Groups

Book Lovers’ Chatter – online Facebook book group

South Ayrshire Libraries have set up a new Facebook group to provide adult readers in South Ayrshire with an online space to discuss books, reading, and to share reviews and recommendations with others. This is not a traditional reading group where everyone reads the same book at the same time. This group will provide both customers and library staff with a safe space to post their recommendations or start a chat about their favourite authors, or anything else at all that is book related. The aim is to experience a wee taste of some of the things we miss doing during regular face to face visits to our local libraries. If you are interested in joining the group please visit our Facebook page.

Book Lovers’ Lounge – ebooks for book groups

We have created a new section on our ebook site called Book Lovers’ Lounge.

Book Lovers’ Lounge is where we will gather together all of the titles we have that are suitable for book groups. Every title in this section can be checked out by several readers at the same time.

Find out more about our ebooks for Book Groups offer.

Book Groups

For full details of our library book groups and to find out if spaces are available, please contact the library of the group you would like to join.

Alloway Library – Tel: 01292 442 395

  • First Wednesday of the month at 1.30pm
  • Second Tuesday of the month at 1.30pm

Forehill LibraryTel: 01292 265 591

  • Last Wednesday of the month at 11.30am

Carnegie Library – currently unavailable

  • Third Tuesday of the month at 6pm
  • Last Wednesday of the month at 2pm

Girvan LibraryTel: 01465 712 813

  • First Thursday of the month at 2pm

Prestwick Library – currently unavailable

  • Second Tuesday of the month at 2pm
  • Last Tuesday of the month at 2pm
  • Third Thursday of the month at 2.30pm

Symington Library  – currently unavailable

Troon Library

Please contact the library for details on Tel: 01292 315 352


3 thoughts on “Book Groups

  1. Enjoyed this site and all its info on groups etc
    i do go into the library but dont know any of the staffs names although we are familiar to each other….the resource centre i always find very easy for advice and help by the staff….thanks…

    1. Hi Jane, the group will meet at the end of this month to decide if they are going to continue with the Thursday evening Book Group at Alloway. If you would like us to keep you updated about this please email and as soon as we know how things will progress we will be in touch. We have just updated our book group page – there are two groups who meet at Ayr’s Carnegie Library at 6pm. Best wishes.

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