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Read an eBook Day – celebrate and win with your library and OverDrive

September 17, 2014


Read an eBook Day, the first-ever day dedicated to digital reading, takes place tomorrow Thursday, September 18, 2014. Join readers from around the world to show your appreciation and raise awareness for eBooks. To celebrate, simply check out and enjoy your favorite eBook from your library and spread the word to all the readers in your life.

OverDrive our eBook provider is getting in on the fun, too, by giving away tablets and devices every hour. To enter, just share your favourite eBook experiences and stories on OverDrive’s Facebook page and Twitter by using the hashtag #eBookDay. You can also share your story directly at The Read an eBook Day website also has some great suggestions if you’re looking for something new to read.

New to eBooks?

Not familiar with eBooks? Find out about about borrowing, downloading and syncing eBooks. Learn about eBook formats, what devices you can use and all about the ease and convenience of being able to read and checkout an eBook anytime, anywhere. If you’re new to eBooks learn how to get started here so you can be part of the fun.


The new OverDrive app – borrow and read easier and faster from your library

OverDrive our eBook provider is also excited to announce that the latest version of the OverDrive app is now available!

Not only did they simplify the name from “OverDrive Media Console” to the “OverDrive app,” but they’ve also included two major enhancements:

  1. Borrow and read in just two steps! Elimination of the Adobe authorization step from the first-time user setup experience
  1. Return Open EPUB format books early.  Ability to return Open EPUB titles before the end of the lending period

Top tip: When prompted for a library name or postcode in the app enter ‘South Ayrshire Libraries’.  Please note – Your library card number and PIN code will be required.


Updates to our eRead Service

May 28, 2013

mediaconsoleappOverDrive Media Console v2.6.5 (update) for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and Android

Do you use OMC to enjoy our eBook service?  Then you may be interested in their latest update.  Here is what’s coming out in v2.6.5:

  • Enhancements made to improve the speed of the in-app browser (iOS)
  • Fixed a bug that causes the app to crash when working from a proxy server (iOS)
  • Improved bad SSL certificate error messaging (iOS)
  • Fixed a bug that prevents page turns beyond page 161 on some devices (Android)
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements on both iOS and Android

Re-authorize your Apple Device after update

Due to a change in Apple’s privacy policies, OverDrive have had to make changes to the way they handle licensing of EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks.  As a result, the OMC for iOS v2.6.5 update will de-authorize every users’ Adobe ID.  Upon opening OMC for the first time after the update, users will be prompted to re-authorize.

Audiobook users that have only partially downloaded an audiobook prior to the update will need to return to the library bookshelf to download any missing parts.  If users try downloading missing parts directly without first reactivating the download from their library website bookshelf, they will receive a ‘downloadManagerErrorDomain:403’ error.

Note: The Adobe authorization and audiobook download issues will only impact iOS users.

OverDrive have created two help articles to help end users through both Adobe authorization and audiobook download:

If you have any questions or problems with this update, please contact

OverDrive App update for Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD users

January 25, 2013

Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets

Unfortunately, Amazon have removed our eRead providers app from their Amazon Kindle app store.

Customers wishing to download EPUB eBooks and MP3 Audiobooks to a Kindle Fire tablet will need to download the OverDrive Media Console app via our OverDrive website, the Google play store (you will require a Google account to do this), or the GoodeReader android apps website.

Kindle Settings 

The settings on the Kindle Fire will need to be adjusted prior to downloading the app, to do this please follow the instruction below:-

  • Click on the top of the Kindle Fire screen until the menu appears
  • Click on +more, scroll down to Devices
  • Click on Devices and make sure ‘Allow other applications to install’ is set to ON

Please note:

OverDrive eBooks can currently only be used on the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD series of tablets not the Kindle series of eBook readers.

Help and Advice

For instructions on how to download eBooks and eAudio or to check if your device is compatible with our library eRead service download the guide for your device below or visit OverDrive, our eRead service provider’s Digital Help Guide.

  • eReader Guide – Download this guide if the main function of your device is to read eBooks
  • Mobile device / Tablet Guide – Download this guide if your device can be used for downloading apps, watching movies, surfing the Internet etc.

If you would like to use our library’s free eRead service, but are having problems please contact:

To browse or download our eRead collection visit:

New features for our eRead mobile app

February 10, 2012

Mobile Devices

More and more of our customers are accessing our OverDrive-powered eRead service using their mobile device to checkout eBooks and eAudio. Today, OverDrive is pleased to announce new features for its mobile apps that are sure to increase that usage even further.

With the release of OverDrive® Media Console™ v2.4 for Android™, BlackBerry® and Windows Phone, users can:

  • Return audiobooks as well as eBooks.
  • Find definitions while reading using the dictionary lookup feature. Users can also use Wikipedia search, too!

The system requirements are still the same. The free apps can be installed on phones and devices running…

  • Android v1.5 (or newer)
  • Touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.7 (or newer)
  • Non-touch screen BlackBerry OS v4.5 (or newer)
  • Windows Phone 7 (or newer)

OMC v2.4 for iOS —iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®—will have early audiobook returns and dictionary lookup for iOS v4.0 (or newer) available soon.

Users with OverDrive Media Console already installed will get a notification that an update is available.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet just search for ‘Overdrive Media Console’ on your app store.  For instructions on how to download the app and to check if your device is compatible with our eRead service visit OverDrive’s Media Console.

Enjoy titles on your mobile

January 28, 2011

South Ayrshire Libraries eRead Service

Download titles directly to your mobile device with the FREE Overdrive® Media Console App

iphone_download screen shotCompatible with

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone, iPad, iPad touch
  • Windows mobile

Visit South Ayrshire library’s virtual branch  for more information

Or download our eRead guides