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The Story Behind Forehill Library Jigsaw

October 9, 2017

This jigsaw was kindly donated by a member of Forehill library Knit and Natter group. On completion by a few of the ladies attending the weekly group, a regular user of the library offered to frame the finished jigsaw.  So true to his word the jigsaw was duly collected from the library and taken to his home to be framed.  After careful transportation of the jigsaw and just as it was about to be put on the frame, the jigsaw slipped off the portapuzzle mat and landed on the floor in several hundreds of pieces!   Unfortunately, the framer was going on a cruise in a few days time and was now under added pressure to frame the “piece”.

However all came good in the end and this is the finished article, and we are happy to say that the “framer” and his wife thoroughly enjoyed their cruise – it was total relaxation after the few stressful days leading up to it completing our 1000 piece jigsaw!

Very fitting and appropriate we feel for our group and very much admired and appreciated by all.

If you like to knit and have a bit of a natter, then why not join us? The group gets together at Forehill Library every Thursday from 2pm – 4pm.


Girvan Knit and Natter Group Go Green

June 27, 2014
Knitting and nattering at Girvan Library

Anna’s amazing recycled bags

Girvan Library have a new member of their Knitting and Nattering group who is taking recycling to a whole new level. Anna Waringe has been crocheting shopping bags made from old carrier bags and bin liners, much to the amazement of the group. We were not only amazed when we saw the bags, but ‘green’ with envy. We would love a bag like this to fill up with all our books and chocolate. Well done Anna for such an inventive way to recycle!

If you are intereseted in joining Girvan Library’s Knit and Natter group please contact Mary Stewart Tel. 01465 712831,  or drop into the library.


Knitting and Nattering Group News

September 28, 2010
Carnegie Library's Knitting and Nattering group

Carnegie Library's Knitting and Nattering group

Congratulations to Suzanne’s afternoon Knitting and Nattering group they really have been knitting up a storm.  We all said “ah, how sweet” when we saw all the tiny hats, mittens, cardis, bootees, blankets etc., that they had knitted for the Premature Baby Unit at Crosshouse Hospital.  Suzanne is wrapping them all up for delivery and we hope they keep these tiny babies lovely and cosy until they are ready to go home to their families. (So you can see just how tiny some of these items are we have put them next to a £5 note.)  Sadly some babies will need to be christened in the unit, so the ladies have knitted them tiny white robes. Well done ladies, you deserved your cuppa and a natter after knitting all that lot.  I’m looking forward to hearing about your next project.

Some of tiny cardigans and jumpers

Some of tiny cardigans and jumpers

If you would like to join one of our Knitting and Nattering groups or have any spare wool or needles you could donate,  contact Suzanne McLauchlan at Carnegie Library, Tel 01292 286385.  You don’t have to be an expert knitter to join a Knit and Natter Group you just have to enjoy knitting (and talking!).