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Crafts and Superhero Selfies at Prestwick Library

June 27, 2017

We made jumping jack characters (Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman), designed our own superhero masks and cuffs to wear, put on our capes…and KAPOW! We were ready for action 📸😎

After crafts and superhero selfies we had lots of new recruits signing up for ‘Heroes’, this year’s Summer Reading Challenge. This bunch will be saving the world in no time, they’ve already managed to achieve their first superhero reward!

Would you like to become a hero? Come and join our craft sessions or sign up for our Summer Reading Challenge. It’s FREE to enter, suitable for ages 5-12 years and you can take part at every library in South Ayrshire from Monday 26 June until Saturday 19 August 2017.


Monkeying around at Prestwick Library

July 5, 2016

There was a lot of monkeying around at Prestwick Library’s craft club last week.  Keeping with the theme of our Summer Reading Challenge ‘Down in the Jungle’, the children decorated bookmarks and masks of various jungle animals before signing up for the reading challenge. Now they’re looking forward to reading lots of brilliant books over the summer holidays and collecting fab jungle rewards. 

Summer Reading 2016 Social Medai

To sign up for our Our Summer Reading Challenge visit your local library. It’s free to take part and every time you read and return a book you’ll get a reward! Suitable for ages 5-11 years.

Don’t forget to join us at Prestwick Library tomorrow from 3pm – 4.30pm for a drop-in LEGO session for ages 5-11years, no need to book just come along!

On your marks, get set…READ! Join our Summer Reading Challenge- Roary’s Reading Relay

June 23, 2014


Every time you visit the library and take out a book, you get the chance to win a prize.

All you have to do is sign up to Roary’s Reading Relay and borrow a book to get started.

Pass on the Reading Relay Baton to a friend and invite them to join in.

For ages 5 – 12 years
from the 23 June – 23 August 2014

Dive into a roaring read from your local library.

Children’s Library Al Fresco

August 12, 2010

Ailsa and Renee, from the Children’s Library, had great fun at the Play Day in Dam Park.  They took the Children’s Library outside for the day! (Well they took along lots of books and some of the Space Hop colour ins and quizzes.)  The stall was really busy, especially with children who wanted a quiet read and a rest from all the hectic activity.  Nan and Marie joined them bringing a very special surprise guest.  The identity of the guest is a big secret so, if you weren’t at Play Day, you will have to come back to the blog  on 1st September when all will be revealed. I can’t wait to find out – I wonder if they would give us a clue?

Children taking a look through some of the books at the Big Play Day

Children taking a look through some of the books at the Big Play Day

Some of the children enjoyed relaxing with a book

Some of the children enjoyed relaxing with a book

Space Hop Crafts at Troon Library

August 11, 2010

The children had a great time at the Space Hop craft day at Troon Library last Wednesday.  Look at their great pictures of rockets and space!

Space Crafts at Troon Library

Blast Off!

It’s not too late to take part in this year’s Space Hop Summer Reading Challenge. Sign up at your local library – it’s free! – and your children will receive a special poster to keep track of their challenge. There are all kinds of other Space Hop goodies too to keep them interested and have some fun this summer.

On Space Hop, your child’s mission is broken down into three simple stages: Blast Off!, Space Race and Lunar Landing. Each stage involves reading two books – any books they like to complete their challenge.  The summer reading challenge ends on 27th August 2010.

For more information visit or visit your local library.

Space Hop Crafts at Carnegie Library

August 2, 2010

I’m a little rocket
Flying to the moon
My thrusters are ready
I’ll blast off soon

Some of our space hop crew show off their vision of what it looks like in space.  I can’t wait to get into my rocket and blast off.

The children show off their wonderful space pictures

The children show off their wonderful space pictures

Space Hop crafts at Prestwick Library

July 29, 2010

I’m a little rocket
Tall and thin
Here’s my nose cone
Here’s my fin
When I get all fired up
Launch begins
Watch me rise
And see me spin

Here are the children at Prestwick Library working hard at being NASA scientists – designing their own rockets.

Children making their space rockets

Its messy work being a scientist

Cartoon Capers at Troon Library

July 28, 2010

Local artist Ronnie Russel’s cartoon workshop at Troon Library was a great success.  Ronnie showed the children how to draw cartoon faces with various expressions and from what we have heard the children were much better at this than the library staff.

The library hopes to do a similar workshop in the autumn, so watch the blog for details.

Ronnie shows the children what to do

Ronnie helps the children get started

Young artists hard at work

The young artists hard at work

Space Hop Crafts at Alloway Library

July 22, 2010

This little rocket went to Mars

This little rocket stayed at home

This little rocket had fuel injection

This little rocket hade none

And this little rocket went

Wheeeeeee all the way home

Alloway children joined in the Space Hop Space Craft fun when they designed their own rockets and spaceships.  What an inventive lot they were, I can’t decide which one I’d choose to fly to the Moon.

The children show off their brilliant space pictures

What great pictures!

Space Hop Crafts at Troon Library

July 21, 2010

Space Hope LogoHop along to Troon library and create your own Space Hop alien or spaceman during a fun afternoon of crafts.

Wednesday 4th August
2.30pm – 3.30pm

Places for this session must be booked and everyone attending must have a library membership.

Suitable for ages 5-11 years

For more details contact Troon Library